Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Uh oh... disjointed blog alert. I signed on to MSN and it turns out others are actually on it! Rare, considering the inconvenient time difference.

So, job is good. GOt lost on the first day and my boss came to pick me up. Turned out I was only a three-minute drive from work so all was fine. My job, thus far, has been completely numbers based working on big spreadsheets! This is a good thing. I have confirmed that I am a numbers nerd. The bad about the job? Pay is a bit lousy, and the commute to work is a wee bit dreadful. The bus system is usually pretty good, but my bus has been late 100% of the time I have tried to take it. Joy!

Yesterday I ran into a bad mood swing. The bus home was 10 mins late (I was still standing around at 5:30 despite getting off work at 5:00) thus I did not have time to buy a bus pass after work. You see, Edinburgh pretty much shuts down at 6:00 save for grocery stores, bars and restaurants. At 6:15 I made a rush to a conveniene store hoping it would still be open and I could top up my bus pass. Score! It was open. And their bus pass machine was broken. They said the actual bus place was open til half six. So I sprinted there. They lied. It closed at six so I left mighty early for work this morning and got my bus pass then. I was super early for the bus, especially since it, surprise surprise, was running about ten minutes late.

Dear Route 29:
Kiss my ass.
Love always,

On Thursday night I had a very scottish experience: a deep-fried mars bar. I believe it is illegal to take haggis into Canada, so maybe I'll take a few of Scotland's heart attack dessert home for ppl to try. Beware, however: this is not for the healthy-minded.

And I am having a brain fart. Can't remember at all what I wanted to type, and I am being drawn away by MSN. There was lots I wanted to say, but I guess we'll leave that for another day.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hmm... now I am an ENTP according to another test...

Oh where has the time gone? My pound got me a mere 33 minutes of internet time and I decided to Myers-Briggs myself and read my emails thus I now have little time for blogging.

In interesting news, I am apparently ESTP. This could be wrong because sometimes when I answer questions about myself I don't know what to put and tend to put the trait I find most desirable to have despite whether I have it or not.

Anyway, apparently I am a realist. Great! I would hate to be a fakist! ;) Here is what one website said about me (I'll bold the lines I think is the most important):
    ESTPs are spontaneous, active folks. Like the other SPs, ESTPs get great satisfaction from acting on their impulses. Activities involving great power, speed, thrill and risk are attractive to the ESTP. Chronic stifling of these impulses makes the ESTP feel "dead inside."
    Gamesmanship is the calling card of the ESTP. Persons of this type have a natural drive to best the competition. Some of the most successful salespersons are ESTPs. P.T. Barnum ("Never give a sucker an even break") illustrates the unscrupulous contingent of this type.

    ESTPs love to be at center stage, demonstrating feats of wonder and daring.

Anyway, that's me in three-quarters of a nutshell.

In exciting news, I have a job for next week! The Lothian Council (think municiple gov't) is developing a .... waste watch programme. Joy! Little do they know the wealth of information I will bring to this administrative job.

But we have a wee problem.

I was supposed to get my job details in the mail yesterday (yup, mail is delivered on Sat) but they never arrived. Included in this package would have been some important details such as the address of where I work, and whom I will be reporting to. This should make Monday morning very interesting. And I was talking to someone last night and I told him where my job was. (The general neighbourhood, not that actual address because, ha, I don't know it.) Apparently it is faaaaaar away. Anyway, as of now it is only for a week (with a chance of extension) but the traveling times will play a part in whether I stick with 'em or not.

Anyway, my time is up. Sad.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

One more important event: I had haggis, neaps and tatties yesterday. It had whisky sauce on it and was pretty good. However, I think haggis would be lackluster on its own and definately needs something with it. Also had really good pizza from Asda/Wal-Mart but decided I hate Asda because there are 49057409 people crawling about with large carts trying to buy groceries. Judging from the meat aisle, the Scottish are true canivores and go mad over chicken, beef, turkey, etc.

Anyway, I have some more bunker explorin' to do. This should be easier than Arthur's Seat - a gigantic hill I climbed with my parents. Believe it or not, they may have actually showed their age for once ;) (Although they did quite well considering the 900 Km/hr winds that could have whipped us to our deaths over the sides of the hills.

Adios! (That's Scottish for Spanish for Good bye. Indeed.)

Howdy folks,

I am coming to you from Scotland's Secret Bunker! This was built during the cold ware where the Scots monitored a 60-mile radius for nuclear bombs/explosions/"evil doers", etc. As the Cold War trotted on, the Scottish gov't would have been run from here as the Soviets tore up the Scottish country side. It's pretty neat. I saw some Army boys and felt such a connection since, you know, I, liked, worked on an army base and stuff. Totally.

We hired a car at 8:30 and had our first minor "incident" at about 10:30 in the wee town of Kirkcaldy ("The Lang Toun, according to the sign). Our driver, who shall remain nameless (though not myself since I have yet to master the art of the standard/manual) clipped a car that was parked on the left side of the road. The roads were quite narrow, and the oncoming traffic on the right consisted of a large coach. Panick strickened, the driver inched towards the left side of the road and our side mirror on the left clipped the parked car's right side mirror. I believe someone in the backseat cussed and made funny puppy-like noises while I proceeded to hold up the the mirror. The actual casing for the mirror is fine as it has been "crashed proof" and merely folds in and can easily be snapped back out. THe actual mirror part is still in one piece... although many cracks now decoriate it.

The end.

On to St Andrews and Dundee!

Friday, September 17, 2004

Hey everyone!

I feel so out of the loop with things at home. The only thing I know is that my brother moved to Ottawa and my parents took the pool in for the summer. And that lots of others moved away to go to school.

Yesterday was my last day at Redford Barracks. It was uneventful work wise, but one of my co-workers brought in cakes, biscuits and crisps (in Canadian terms cupcakes, cookies and chips) and they gave me a card and bracelet!! Totally not expected and completely fabulous.

I also saw the hot physio guy yesterday. I decided to liken him to a special guest star on a sitcom. Take Family Ties for example (since using a show that has aired 20 years ago makes for good examples). Tom Hanks was on the show a couple of times. YOu think, "Wow, Tom Hanks!!" but you forget that he was actually on the show until he shows up for a second appearance. So this is like the hot physio guy, I always forgot he exists until I see him again, which is quite rare.

Today I am in the Musselburgh library! Och, I love thee free internet (despite being limited to a mere 28 minutes). I came out here today to see an old workmate (old as in former, not old as in over the hill) and we "did" lunch at... drumroll... Tesco. Woo! (For the uninitiated, Tesco is a grocery store but it has a cafeteria-style section to it.) And this afternoon I was supposed to be doing research on white water rafting in Scotland (I swear we are actually going one of these days) but am being caught up by email and blogging. And this afternoon Miss Jen shall venture to the gym because her clothes are getting too small. It can be contributed to the fact she weighs a half stone more now than she did upon her arrival in Europe.
Anyway, timei s up. Adios!

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hey Hey,

Another fabulous weekend! The BBQ on Sat was good, I finally got myself a good chunk of red meat and only semi-gorged. Then, in what was probably not a wise decision, I passed up the chance to go to the "official" Army bar that is on base on the insistance of another. Sigh. Oh well, maybe another day. At 9:00 the Walkabout was hit and I met up with a couple of workmates (I felt like a hyperactive child compared to them. Well, compared to most people I came across on Saturday actually...) and three other Canucks. In true Jen-like fashion, I mingled in an effort to hang out with everyone I know. And also in true Jen-like fashion, the lure of the stage was too much and I found my way up there. (The lure of the stage is actually the fact that there is usually more ace on there because people can't take drinks up there.) At about 11:20 our canuck friends and Keri left to venture to their flat where they, thanks to the wonder of digital cable and the North American Sports Network, they were able to watch the Czech-Canada hockey game. About a half-hour later I dragged Stacy out and we joined them at their flat. Sunday morning two of the Canucks and Stacy came over for brunch. By morning I mean closer to noon... Then Keri, Grand, Steve and I play cricket with Keri's plastic cricket set. I am officially british: I know the rules to playing cricket. I may organized a round of snow-cricket when I'm home over Xmas. Not really, but it would show off my new-found Britishness.

Today was my first lazy Sunday in ages. It was weird, but nice. I kind of felt unproductive and slothish as a result though.

Plans for the week: see Anchorman (which FINALLY was realsed here) and stay up to crowpiss in the morning watching the hockey final on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. It will probably start at midnight or 1:00AM, so I'm thinking I will be absolute crap at work the following day, but at least I will I won't lose my Canadian citizenship for missing the game. AAAAAAAALSO, I get to plan what to do the week my parents are here! And think about what North American goodies I want them to bring me.

As for white water rafting: another weekend has come and gone and we have yet to go. But white water rafting today would have been disatrous. To quote Keri, "I didn't realize I was drunk last night until I woke up hungover today." As for myself, I was fine. My liquor tolerance has sky rocketed since moving here. And it has been determined that I act pretty much the exact same when dancing about regardless of how much I have drank (with the exception of one less-than-memorable pub crawl).

Blah blah blah. My wit has escaped me at the moment and my internet time is ending thus this "Dear Diary" style post is ending as well.


PS: The comments function does work =P

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Okay, so didn't realize the World Cup for hockey was going on now... I guess that's what I get from being away from a hockey-loving country for too long. Here all the talk is about the qualifying rounds for the football world cup or something.

My hands smell like bleach. This morning I awoke at a "glorious" 7.15 and could not fall back asleep. I actually wasn't even tired (a feet as I went to bed at 1:30), just moreso excited that it was the weekend! So I eventually got up, had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen a wee bit (may have people over tonight) and, gasp, cleaned the bathroom. While I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate cleaning ANYTHING in the kitchen, I don't mind cleaning the washroom at all. Weird, eh? Anyway, the cleaning stuff I was using has some bleech in it hence the smelly hands.

This afternoon the MRS Edinburgh (my workplace - and no, I don't recall what MRS stands for... Mecical Reception Station, I think) is having a BBQ. In this "glorious" Scottish weather of clouds and scattered showers. Although, looking out the window, I can slightly see the sun trying to come out. So the sky has a weird gray glow. Oh well, the weather during the week was really nice so all is well! After the BBQ we are heading about on the town at my insistence, although I'm sure people would have went out regardless if the Canadian temp suggested it or not.

Last night was uneventful. Went to the gym after work, got some groceries, attached our filthy kitchen (believe it or not, the kitchen didn't put up much of a fight despite being stacked with various knives for defense), watched the telie and chatted about with Keri and Stacy.

I would also like to officially declare myself to be a gym rat. The whiskers are sprouting and I'm sure the long squirmy tail will pop out of my rear any day now. What can I say? I eat like a pig (but one of those cute pink pigs, not a big ugly hog) so I have to counteract it somehow. And it gives me something to do, gets me out of the flat for a wee while and blah blah blah. If you are interested in the other benefits of exercise I adivse you to take a trip to Google because I can't be bothered to look up the stuff. Plus you don't care. Really, I know you don't.

Anyway, I need to run. I'm off to the gym, then a wee phone call home (beware parents I have a favour to ask regarding insurance...), then buy some beer and off to the BBQ! I have no idea why I just typed out my day's plans... Maybe it will inspire you all to do the *exact same thing*, and in some quirky 4th dimensional way, we will be spending our day together. Group hug, and cue cheesy music.


Friday, September 10, 2004

Och, another short blog as I am restricted to a mere 5 minutes... Here we go!

I went out with a couple of people from work last night! Good times were had, and we abused one bloke's special Army privleges and got to go into the Edinburgh Castle at night! Believe it or not, some soldiers of the Royal Scots actually live in the Castle. Apparenly the rooms are crap, but the view is fabulous. Anyway, I didn't see anything that you can't see on the regular £8 tour, but it's closed to visitors at night so it was pretty cool to be up there so late. Just stamp "Special" across my forehead!

Huh, apparently my five minutes was over-estimated and I am now getting the boot.


Saturday, September 04, 2004

I have a grand total of 15 minutes on the internet today. Wow, will I get a lot done.

First thing: work wasn't nearly as busy this week as last. I'm also started to find my groove a little better and am not as shy. So things are good! And I got extended until next week.

I think Keri and I are going white-water rafting next Sunday. We have been saying it for the past few weekends, but stuff comes up but this time we will go for REAL.

My hotmail account fills up dramatically quickly, so if you are trying to send me an email (which I would love!) but can't get it through email me at jennifermacphail@hotmail.com. I'm going to get rid of a bunch of emails soon, but I need to wait until I can get to a computer with a floppy-disk drive and internet cafes don't have 'em.

News from home: Amy Callbeck's older brother is having a baby! Or, more specifically, his wife is having a baby. (That makes more biological sense, eh?) So congrats go out to them!

I like swimming. I'm been an avid pool freak at the gym the past week. It feels a bit odd though when you see people in their racer swimsuits and I'm splashing about in a red/white/orange/blue bikini. Three cheers for standing out like a sore thumb! But a sexy sore thumb at that ;)

Someone at work has been to a club in Manchester at which cover is £20 or something. That's around $50 and incredibly insane. Apparently Becks and Posh Spice live close to it. Umm, yaaaaaaaaaaaaay. And it's been all over the papers that they are having another baby despite the fact he apparently cheated on her. I know more about their lives from the headlines than I do about what's going on at home.