Friday, July 29, 2005

Today it is raining a lot.

Today I remembered that I lost my umbrella a few weeks ago.

Thus, today I arrived at work very wet.

In other news, I go home soon! I have, at this very moment, 15.5 days of filing left. Although I will admit, I haven't done that much filing today. Instead I spent some time putting files in boxes and putting labels on NEW files. In related news, ugggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggh, hate files.

Work at the Cumberland is pretty good, although, bizarrely, I have only one shift next week! I figure I'll get a call at some point to go in though, I've gotten them every week so far. I actually quite enjoy bartending and last night was my first slow shift so I actually got to talk to my co-workers and some of the regulars.

So much to blog.. I swear I narrate my life in my head to myself in blog format and then forgot to actually type it out.

I made a crucial decision the other night: I no longer want to be the CEO of a large corporation. I think I'm more of a head or sescond-to-head of a division kind of girl.

I want to go on the Kelloggs diet. It involves eating lots of cereal and cereal type snacks. Although according to Kelly or Anne (can't remember whom - sorry!) I'm pretty much on that diet anyway. Not really though. I do eat cereal every morning but I eat it for supper only when I'm in a rush and darting from one job to another. Ahh, I heart cereal.

Last Sunday I went to mighty Livingston with Shan and Lindsay to do some shopping. I must say, I think I scored well as I spent only about £25 including groceries and transport which made up almost £10! As expected, I ate too much chocolate from the Cadbury Outlet and am now declaring myself off chocolate. I even passed some up yesterday at work! Although had one of the leftovers this morning when someone came up and offered it to me. But it was only one wee one.

I can't decide what to do tonight. I'm heading to the gym after work for the final day of my seven-day trial (thanks Anne!) and then what...? If it's still raining going out isn't that enticing.

Last Saturday I slept until NOON. That is soooo unheard of for me, but I was completely exhausted and had been working BOATLOADS.

Hmm, lunch is almost over.

Three and a half weeks til I'm home!!!

(Better go fast. Hmph.)

Monday, July 18, 2005

Oh, I remember this thing! Hee hee... I actually did try blogging last week but the internet was down at work.

So I am still filing. Not content with it, but there is loads to do so the day actually doesn't go by as slowly as one may thing. I've been super busy as of late, and I find the hours/days/weeks have been flying by! Although I wouldn't mind the pace picking up a wee bit and it suddenly being August. However, it still floors me that July is more than half over!

This weekend was quite successful. Successful in what I do not know, but it was a great weekend! I worked a fabulous 9-5 shift filing and then worked 6-12.30 at the Cumberland. Got three compliments on my lime-green, one-euro earrings! I guess giant neon green hoops are somewhat noticeable ;) I also got bought a couple of drinks by customers (although I sneakily got cash for one) so sat around for a bit afterwards with Grand as we sipped (how danty and british of us) our pints. After going to bed at 2.00, 7.45 came far too early. However, Kelly and I were going to ENGLAND for the day and had to be at the bus station by 8.55. We ended up bypassing the £12.95ish bus that would require two hours of travel time each way in favour of the more efficient 45-minute train ride for a couple of quid more. Plus the trains run more frequently and later into the night. So by 10.00 Kelly and I were at Berwick upon Tweed, the most northern town in England. It was REALLY nice and it was def worth the train fare. Anne met up with us a few hours later and we went on a 6-mile wander of the town and the two neighbouring towns. There was a nice golf course and Berwick was surrounded by old walls that had been used as a defense system. THe whole place was really nice and I do recommend it. We also had a short siesta on the beach in Spittal which is across the river from Berwick. The river is appropriately called Tweed, hence Berwick upon Tweek and the first town/village on the other side of the river called Tweedsmouth, or something like that.

Somehow we got the energy to go out that night after getting home around 8.30 and went to the Walkabout. After crashing in bed at 2.00 I had another early morning ahead of me as I set my alarm for about 7.45 (ugh, again) so I could be at Fettes College for 9.00 for a fabulous 9.15 start to an all-day softball tournament. So tired. It turned out our first game wasn't until 10.15 so I half snoozed while waiting with the rest of the team. It was about 5.45 by the time I got home yesterday evening and I spent some of the evening drifting in and out of sleep. And, jut alors, I actually was in bed and asleep before 12.30!! Quite a rare feat. I would say I was even snoozin' before midnight, *maybe* even by 11.30. However, I was soooo tired this morning. I can't even tell you what streets I walked on to get to work. And I was surprisingly sore! Not super sore by any means, but softball isn't exactly a rigurous sport so I was expected a, physically, pain-free morning. (Mentally I always expect pain on any morning. Especially Mondays.) I actually had forgotten that I had been hit with the ball yesterday on the upperthigh/side ass area until I could feel the pain of it. Ugh.

Anyway, another busy week for me! Tonight is a softball game, Tue and Wed night I already have some social plans (i.e., nothing work related) and then I work on Thu allllll day, Fri alllllll day and Sat night.

Each season for softball seems so different. I swear I could hit well the last season I played with CIDA. Now all my hits sort of wobble around the infield. As well, during my CIDA days I sucked at the outfield. Couldn't judge the balls at ALL. And now, suddenly I have developed a ball-judging ability. However, maybe the batting thing had to do with pitching style. I'm playing slow pitch softball and it's getting used to the ball being six feet in the air and it being a strike despite the fact it bounces off the back corner of the plate. I do believe I *may* prefer fast pitch.

And, in a reference no one is going to understand, Grand definately won Best Rocker of the tournament. Totally made my day!

Adios ~