Monday, February 28, 2005

Today I couldn't send emails OR blog from work. I tell, they are getting tricky!

So... Countdown is eight days! Woo! And I *may* have come down with laryngitis and *may* have to recuperate by next Tuesday. But seriously, starting Sat evening I thought my voice sounded a bit off. It was almost completely shot by the end of the night but I figured a few hours of sleep would cure it.

So wrong. It has actually been getting worse over the past couple of days!

Saturday afternoon Keri, Beth and I went to Frankenstein's to watch the rugby match. Originally we were going to be pure Scottish and head to Rose St but I passed Frankensteins the promise of a free buffet at half-time and a free pint if Scotland won convinced me to convince the others that Frankie's was a good spot to go. The buffet did not materialise due to a shortage/back-up in the kitchen or something, but Scotland DID win so Keri and I got three pints between us as Beth had to leave before the game finished. Tres bien!

Jen's new favourite baked good: Millionaire Shortbread Cake from Cafe Luciano. So. Bloody. Good. I should buy some before I leave so I can take some home. Or you know, eat it on the plane. Man, my sweet tooth has gone freaking mad here in the past week. Maybe I'll wire my mouth shut. Anyway, multi-tasking (blogging/emailing/msning) has left me a wee bit pressed for time. Thus, the end.


Saturday, February 26, 2005

PS: Happy Birthday to Jeffrey!

Ahhh! Am very low on time...

- Bought orange coat last week. Is officially winter best coat ever.
- Leaving for Halifax in eight days... very excited!
- Am in library and need to cought a lot so should leave..

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ahhh! Trickiness: somehow two small pieces of ONION found their way into my salad. I suspect they were in the strainer I used when I was washing my veggies.

I think I had some weird bout of a 12-hour bug. By about 10:30 last night I could barely keep my eyes open, my head felt like it weighed 400 kilos, the glands on my neck were swollen and I was bitterly cold. In fact, last night I cranked the heat on my heater, wore two pairs of pants, a t-shirt and a fleece to bed. I also wrapped myself in a blanket very tightly (so I basically had to hop to bed) and borrowed myself under the duvet on my bed. Then I proceeded to have very bizarre dreams. I woke up this morning sore and bizarrely nausious (which I cannot spell) and contemplated calling in sick. Then I didn't and settled being fifteen minutes late for work instead. I wouldn't have been so late but once I stepped outside I realised it was rather icey and slushy out and I figured the walk up The Giant Hill (tm) wouldn't go very smoothly. So I took the bus. Which turned out to be the third slowest bus EVER.

So what was with the slush and ice, eh? Well, Scotland, and Britain in general, is having rather weird weather and it's snowing frequently and randomly going from sunny to hail in ten seconds. I didn't realise it had snowed when I left for work this morning and had worn VERY inappropriate footwear. My feet were drenched and I've been wandering about in my sockfeet this morning. I'm heading out shortly to top up for phone, (which has had an entire £0.10 on it for two days! Realised that when I went to call Candace and the phone ring and I had only "one minute remaining". So I hung up. So apologies to the MacDonalds for calling them and hanging up on the second ring a couple of nights back.) and luckily I have my trainers in my bag as my craptacular "boots" are still soaked.

And bizarrely, I started to feel better on the bus. Funny how being in a crowded, confined space does that to you. Huh. Although I'm going to be proactive and invest in some OJ regardless.

The end.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005




So, what will happen if I don't get this job? I suggest you do the following:
  1. Remove all breakable objects from my bedroom.

  2. Pad the walls.

  3. Remove anything that looks like it could cause damage if thrown.

  4. Give me a skipping rope. (I'll need something to get rid of frustration/built-up energy.)

  5. Cut out a rectangular hole in the bottom of my door so someone can push food and water through to me.

  6. Give me a bedpan, toothbrush, toothpaste and face wash stuff.

  7. Put me in my bedroom.

  8. In two weeks time let me out of my bedroom and send me off to Spain or something.

In super duper healthy eating news, I am going to a restaurant for supper tonight. Well, I think others are going for "coffee", but I will not have eatened supper by the time we meet up thus Jen shall eat supper. And after snooping through the menu online, this is what I want: "Waffle Toffee Crunch Sundae - warm Belgian waffle topped with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup and laced with toffee crunch pieces". Or something else from the dessert menu. In other food related news, my morning gathering will be tough tomorrow morning. Well, the gathering should go fine, but I do need some groceries. I opened the fridge last night with all intentions of making a devine salad but had to settle for a "devine" salad of lettuce and broccoli. Umm, yum? Well, yes, it did taste fine, but it did leave something to be desired. And by something, I mean variety and colour. It was like a giant plate of green. Literally. If they offered salads of lettuce and broccoli in restaurants it would just be listed on the menu as Green.

"Hmm, I would like a streak wrap with a side of green."

I wish I had a steak wrap. Right now. Instead I had yogurt, a mandarin and a granola bar thingie for lunch. And in an inbrilliant gathering move this morning, I grabbed MANDARIN yogurt. If variety is the spice of life I am spice-less.

Yesterday I realised I could fly to Sweeden for the Easter weekend for about £50. Tres cheap! Then Shan pointed out that not much would be open over the weekend due to the holiday. Good point. So I don't think I'll go. Instead, I am going to the BLAIR DRUMMOND SUFARI PARK!!!! It's close to Stirling ("They will never take our freedom!") and is actually decently priced at about £8.00 for the day. And it will have a PETTING ZOO! I miss petting animals. And I really want my picture taken with a highland cow.

I saw a kid's book in a bookstore window yesterday called, "I Want My Pony!" or something like that and it made me think of grocery shopping. I think my parents will be the only ones who see the connection in that one, but allow me to elaborate: I used to write "Pony" on the grocery list and then, down towards the bottom, "Hay for my pony". Wasn't I cute when I was young? And by young I mean 17 or so. Yes, mucho cute.

I want to go to Spain. And Norway. So my tentative plan for May: Glasgow -> Norway -> Denmark -> Belgium -> South France -> Spain -> Universal Studios -> ?? -> ??? - > ???? - > Edinburgh. Or something like that.

La fine. Hasta luego...!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

I am tired and wish wish wish wish WISH I was in bed right now! All snuggled under the covers in my orange hoodie and sweats.

Ever have low-carb bread? Don't bother. I bought some because it was sitting on the discount "this bread is set to expire in two days!" rack and am quite disapointed. The first problem in the fact that the bread is whole wheat. I have been trying to eat whole wheat bread since Christmas and I'm generally fine if it's toasted. Tesco's cheapie "brown bread" is fine (although I'm not sure if brown bread is the same as whole wheat...), but this big-name, low-carb bread is crap. It tears up when one tries to spread something on it and it taste like hay. Which would be great if I was a cow. But I'm not. (Please refrain from commenting on any all-you-can-eat buffet behaviour you have seen from me when reading the cow comment. And it's really more vulture than cow-like.)

Options for the rest of my lunch hour: try to email (sketchy since the fire wall kicked in yesterday and wouldn't let me), go to the shops on Princes St (jeans for £10! and a FABULOUS orange winter coast for £9 which practically left me drooling despite its impracticalness), find a place that sells the exact same chocolate I had last night, or surf the net. Allow me to describe this wee piece of sugar: --- actually, I'm not going to because that would be sad. But it was really good!

I'm actually going to refrain from shopping because I feel like a knob coming back here after lunch with shopping bags. Plus I just ate and don't like trying on clothes right after I eat. And I don't really need any clothes.... Although, in my own defense, the three items I am contemplating purhcasing COULD very well be needed soon! The orange winter coat could replace my current winter coat that is falling apart. A pair of jeans that fits well would also be nice. And I was looking at a cheapie black sweater since mine is getting worn from excessive washing and the fabric is starting to fit bizarrely also due to excessive washing/wearing. All practical purchases, but shopping seems so... needless. Technically, I already have all of the three items I want, they just aren't up to par with their original form yet are still wearable. So, by buying new stuff, am I taking the proactive approach to searching for these items for when I will desperately need them or am I just spending money because I have it? Oh, the dilema in my feeble mind.

Tonight is lacrosse night... and I have the energy of a dead wild boar to expend. Should be good! ;)

The end. I'm going for a walk.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Oh how quick lunch goes. I am super behind on emails and communication of any form with those on the other side of the Atlantic. Huge apologies! My excuse for not catching up yesterday is that I went to the library at lunch time to return two books, one which will get me a late charge. Sigh. Yup, the Edinburgh libraries actually fine you if you return a book late. Even ONE MERE DAY LATE. Yes, this has happened to me. And yes, multiple times. What can I say? My bad.

Today I spent lunch time surfing the net and, duh, eating.

Happy belated Valentine's Day to you all! I had a good evening and enjoyed splendid curry cooked up by Keri, chocolate purchased by Shan (who else? ;) ), and watched Anne/Keri/Shan enjoy white wine provided by Anne. I'm not too big into wine, especially since Candace's Dad tried to poison me with some a few pubcrawls ago. Yes, it was the wine's fault. It had nothing to do with the fact I was in a bitter mood earlier in the day and drank the most bizarre mixture of alcohol ever. In a related note, I miss UPEI pubcrawls.

Glasgow was glorious this weekend! I had initially thought that Glasgow was a bit sketchier of a city, especially by night. And indeed it could be, but I realised I was probably comparing it with the wrong places. I mean, I wouldn't want to be wandering about Cowgate on my own in Edinburgh either. I stayed til about supper time on Sunday and spent a couple of hours in the afternoon wandering about and happened upon the night area of Glasgow! It had a very large park in front of the Glasgow University and there were lots of lovely townhouses similar to those in New Town and Marchmont. The park had a river divided it in half and I eventually found myself at the Museum of Transport. (Free toilets!) I went in for a quick wander through and someone who is big into cars, trains, trams, etc would probably really like it there. When walking about I also came to the conclusion that it is probably easier to be a backpacker in Glasgow versus Edinburgh because Glasgow is much flatter!! As well, it seems more into what I like to call "grid city" mode as most of the streets are parrallel or perpendicular to each other. I'm comparing this to the maze of Old Town - it does have the main streets but its littered with small, teeny-tiny streets/closes.

Big purchases in Glasgow include a POSTCARD (OH MY GOD!!! Went all out on that one...), two burnt CDs from the Barras, and a ripped DVD with four Disney movies on it. I basically chose it because it has the Emperor's New Groove on it. Classic. I also bought an orange hoodie/zip-up thing for an entire £3.00. It's all snuggly and I wish I was wearing it RIGHT NOW. But I'm not because it's probably not very "work appropriate".

In RIP news, I finally lost one of my mittens. I think I lost it in Edinburgh. Maybe it's with my sunglasses, which I left at the bloody zoo when Shan and I went in to bascially rest our feet after a long walk. Actually, I know my mitt isn't at the zoo. But it's somewhere. And I am not surprised at all that I lost it. I should have lost both of them in Paris, where they fell out of my pocket but someone was kind enough to call after me. I also left one in the lu at the Tampere (Finland) airport. And those are just the times I actually REMEMBER almost losing them. Crazy.

Anyway, lunch time is tout finit. Zut alors!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hey all:

Hee hee hee... Can you tell I now have a job that actually keeps me busy while at work?! Hence no blogging in the past week.

So London went over all fine and dandy. I got there at 6:30 in the morning and actually had a pretty decent sleep on the bus on the way down. The investment of the day was a £0.50 map of London from McDonalds. It was really detailed, folded up neatly in the pocket and covered a good bit of area. On the reverse side of the map was a map of the tube system and a couple of coupons for greasy McDonalds food. I bypassed them as I'm not too keen on McDonalds. Despite that, a mere 12 hours or so later I found myself happily leaving a McDonalds at Leicester Square with a Munchies McFlurry which I HIGHLY recommend! However, I believe they are available only in Britain. Tough luck, Canucks!

I think one of my favourite parts of London was wandering around in the morning before the city really "woke up". Not too many people were out, the sun was slightly out, (more than it would be throughout the rest of the day,) and people were busy getting their shops ready for the day.

I enquired about getting cheap tix to The Lion King, but the cheapest was about £33 or so. Not that cheap, plus it would have ate up a good chunk of my afternoon.

In a nutshell, since I'm rather pressed for time and leaving for a weekend getaway in a half hour (!), I walked soooooo much and didn't take the tube or bus once! I hit up Buckingham Palace (it was on the way to something else), St James Palace (chez Prince Charles), Picadilly Circus/Street, Regent St and Oxford St (lots of shopping), the theatre district (which I want to box up and move to Charlottetown because I hearted it!), the theatre museum, the Imperial War Museum (wanted the Brits' perspective on WWI/WWII and needed to learn something), walked along the Thames, saw The Maple Leaf (a bar - but didn't go in because I was trying to make it somewhere for 2:00 and then couldn't find it when I went hunting for it afterwards,) and some other stuff. My feet absolutely ached towards the end of the day. I was standing in a bookstore at about 8:00 (I didn't want to venture too far away from the bus stop at that point and risk getting lost) and it took a lot of pride not to plop myself down on the floor and start reading. So I stood and leaned against the wall. In heavenly news, the bookstore had six floors! However, by that time getting up to the first floor (second floor in Canadian terms) took sooooo much energy so I didn't explore too much. Overall, a very nice day. I pretty much fell asleep on the bus instantly on the way home and had a pretty good sleep! The bus wasn't crowded on either journey and I had my own double seat. Very nice! Also, Shan let me borrow her airplane blow-up pillow and I could tell I was the envy of everyone else ;) I also had my dad's sleeping mask cover eyes thing that he got for free on a plane whic was also very nice.

The following day Shan and I headed to a Chinese New Year show which was quite good! At first it didn't look too promising as there were FOUR decently long speeches made. Then they got to the first dragon dance and it was all entertaining from there. Except tai-chi. I'm sure it's relaxing and stuff to do, but watching it a little bland. Most impressive were the Chinese Acrobats! It kind of reminded me of what a mini, toned-down version of Cirque du Soleil might be like.

So this weekend Anne, Shannon and I are heading west. Unfortunately there is not a gold rush and instead we will be milling about Glasgow and Bothwell Castle =P Anne and I plan on staying the night to take advantage of some of the Weegie nightlife. I think there may also be a rugby game going on today, so I'm sure the drunk weegie men will be out and about in their kilts.

I realise it seems weird to insist that men in skirts are attractive, but they really are! Get a medium-height, somewhat-built, younger Scotsman in some boots, a kilt, and something simple like a rugby shirt and you have your calendar-worthy men for the year.

Three and a half weeks to my interview!!!

In an unrelated note, lacrosse practice was quite good on Thursday night. A lot of the really good people were missing so it seemed like more people got a chance to actually play rather than run around and do nothing. Don't get me wrong, everyone is really nice, but it's a killer-instinct habit - of course you are going to try and get the ball to the better players!

I pulled a muscle last Monday doing something incredibly simple. I believe it was when I was hopping onto the stair master I just kind of twisted my leg or something. It hurt a wee bit, but I pretty much worked through it and it went away. I went running (very very briefly over lunchtime!) on Tuesday and it was fine. Got to spin class on Wednesday and it wasn't overly enjoyable. First my left foot kept cramping up and then my previously pulled muscle started flipping out. I had forgotten about it until that point. It actually wasn't too bad except when we had to "sprint", (go as fast as your legs will flail on minimal resistance,) that it kind of hurt. I almost skipped lacrosse on Thursday but it actually felt rather good to move after sitting down at work all day and basically I couldn't sprint there either and stretched lots before hand. It was sore yesterday morning and still a wee bit tender today, but whatever.

I'm sure that was VERY exciting for you all to read.

In other news, I should hop along here. My bus is leaving for Weegie-land in 25 minutes and I want to stop at a couple of places on the way. (Stop means take pictures of the Edinburgh Castle while the sun is somewhat out.)

Oooh, I can walk to my new job in 23 mins practically. Yay! Yesterday morning I even had time to stop and buy a bottle of water and go to McDonalds for a free bagel.


Friday, February 04, 2005

La la la... Man, this afternoon is boring.

So I have yet to buy my bus ticket to London. You would think given how much reading I have been doing about what I want to do I would have bought my ticket ages ago but, alas, I was waiting for pay day. So here is hoping that there are actually still tickets left or I am going to one terribly mopey girl tonight, despite the fact it would be my fault.

Thirty-two days til my interview! In the meanwhile, I have to get a nice pic taken of myself as I need to bring it along to the interview. Maybe a nice picture of me in my reindeer antlers. To show I have a sense of humour and don't mind being decked out in an ugly costume.

I think I'm tired. I woke up rather early today, even before my alarm which I set early so I could hit up the train station before work. (Checking out train prices and schedules which turned out to be a waste of time! Ah well, maybe it'll come in handy in the future.)

Hmm, still not time to go home.

Nope not time to go home now either.

What about now? Nope, still another 90 minutes.

Tick tick tick.

Tock tock tock.



I will now give you a list of things I'm bringing with me tomorrow, assuming I manage to score a bus ticket.
  • Book with travel info on London

  • Sheet of stuff to do with addresses and junk on it

  • Food

  • Water

  • Spoon/knife/fork (ya never know!)

  • Camera

  • MP3 Player

  • 900-million batteries

  • Umbrella

  • A couple of brochures I have

  • jkeaeoine
I got bored with my list. So now I am writing my name on a piece of paper over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

The end.

Heart, Jen

Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'm going to London! I checked the weather and it's not supposed to be awful so that is good enough for me =) I think I'll be able to fill my time quite well, although I'm not sure what I'll do in the evening. I don't think the coach will leave to come back to Edinburgh until 22:00 or so, and that gives me about four hours from when most "attractions" close until departure. Obviously I won't be arriving at the station exactly at ten, but I will have a wee bit of time to wander about some more. I could always, you know, do the sit-and-eat-supper thing I suppose!

I was looking into tickets to see The Lion King as well, but am having trouble finding anything reasonably priced online. I think it would be pretty nifty to see it though so I'll probably take a wander over to the theatre about an hour or so before show time to see if they can help me out. I plan on being in the area anyway! Mind you this will eat up about three hours of the afternoon and the sun will be setting when I get out of the play... but apparently it's a really good show!

Plans for London:
- Walk, walk, walk and walk along the South Bank/Thames River.
- As mentioned above, see if I can get a decently priced ticket to The Lion King.
- Hang about the theatre district (aka Covent Gardens) and go into the Threatre Museum.
- See the British Museum... I don't remember why I wrote this down from the website I was looking at, but there must have been something that interested me there...
- Maybe the Imperial War Museum because there was something close to there that I also wanted to see which I now cannot remember.
- Go to Harrolds (or whatever that old department store is called) and see what the fuss is about =P

In other news.... yup, there isn't any. Countdown to interview: 33 days!

I think there are cupcakes and such by the kettle on my floor but I don't know if we are allowed to take them. Well, I'm pretty sure we are, but I feel like an ass walking by everyone just to get one and then retreating (hee hee... treat) back to my desk out front which I am not really supposed to leave anyway. Yesterday someone actually came out and offered me a cake, maybe the same will happen today. Because, you know, I need a cupcake or whatever they have about as much as I need killer bees chasing me up Dublin Street. (For the record, Dublin Street is just a steap hill close to our flat. It's the one that makes ya sweaty on the way to the main strip. Stupid hill.)

The end.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh right, I forgot something in my post below despite it being what I was originally intending to write about.

It has been decided that I will probably do a good few weeks (or more) of travelling in May and/or June. I'm looking for company! Seriously, if anyone wants to travel anywhere in Europe, even if for only a few days, let me know! I can help you find some cheap flights to Europe and stuff :)

I was originally thinking of travelling around then anyway (almost summer weather and not-summer crowds) but last night Candace mentioned something about Belgian chocolate and I ended up spending sometime reading about Belgium. I was thinking of going sometime in March, but figured I may as well wait and do more than one country at once and make a mission out of it. So if anyone wants to come to Belgium with me...!! Or anywhere really. But I would really like to hit up Belgium, France, Spain, and/or Italy and, slightly off the usual path, Norway.

Travel to Belgium is quite cheap on Ryan Air (from Glasgow midday which means you pay only, like, £4 to get to Glasgow and then £15 to get to Belgium) but the airport shuttle from Brussels Charleroi (or whatever it is called) is a hefty 35 euro - about $55CND.

Travel with me!*

*unless you are hard to get along with, like blowing lots of money on accommodations or hate walking.

Mmmm, yoghurt. I must say, British yoghurt is much better than Canadian yoghurt, if only for the vast amount of flavours. For example, Canucks, when was the last time YOU had Peach & Maracuya yoghurt? Heh - I bet you have never even had a maracuya. Or, if you are like me, even heard of it =) But it has to be a food, because there a picture of a peach and another fruit, which I will cleverly assume to be the maracuya, on the label. Also in existance is "lemon cheesecake flavour yoghurt with pieces of cake". And it's actually just as healthy as, say peach and maracuya yoghurt. Muller Light, I heart you.

And yes, I may have just finished eating some yoghurt.

Last night I read some of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World in the bookstore. In a related note, I am going to work there =D Yes, I realise there is a huuuuuuge if regarding the interview quality on my part, but I'm being an optimist here! And I may lower myself to begging at the end of the day if I feel the interview didn't go well. But it will go well, so there =P

Today I am going to be adventurous and try bike-ercise (or whatever it's called) class today, provided that the class hasn't already filled up. Hopefully it'll go better than the step class. I figure it'll be harder on the legs, but easier to follow along with as, well, really, there is only one thing you can do with your legs - pedal.

I just realised that it is Wonderful Wednesday today!! I was thinking it was still Terrific Tuesday. Exciting! Two more days and two hours of this job. For the most part, I don't mind it except when I get calls and the person on the other end of the line is really hard to make out. I must admit, working so close to home has been VERY nice! One of my temp agencies put my resume forward today for a job that is also decently close to home. I figure it would take about a half-hour to walk there. Not too shabby, but even BETTER: this place would be about a hop, skip and a jump - - GOOD NEWS! Okay, in the midst of typing this I answered the phone a bunch (it's weird - it randomly gets really busy) and I got a call saying I got the job! Woo! And, perfectly, the job is expected to go 4 - 6 weeks. Four weeks would bring me exactly to my leaving date! And I checked the location exactly on my map and it's pretty much EXACTLY where I thought it would be so I am, literally, mere moments away from my gym. Very good!

Tonight Desperate Housewives is on. Watching this will be good for me because it's an ABC-network show and ABC is owned by Disney =P

In the meanwhile, I have to go and google "maracuya" now.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Not too much going on... The phones were busy, but note the use of past tense.

I got a free flapjack or some sort of square today at work. It was okay. Despite its imperfections I managed to eat it all anyway ;)

Last night I attempted a step class at the gym. Not cool. We kept doing the same exercise over and over and I think by the end of it I was still managing to muck it up. Uggggh. I think have great difficulty listening to instructions. I usually write stuff down. So when I get to a fitness class or am running about during drills on the lacrosse pitch I have to stand back and watch people do it first. Maybe I am a visual learner, I used to think I learned better by listening.

I'm slightly up in the air about heading to London on Saturday as someone is apparently having a leaving do on Saturday night.

I think I am getting to a point where I get bored easily, especially around our flat. Maybe it's a sign of something. Maybe I am getting to be "done" with Edinburgh or am just anticipating something. However, whatever it is, I will miss Edinburgh when I leave it. It's pretty neat to be around such a historical city. Should be a wee bit of a visual shock when (okay... if) I get down to Orlando. Or maybe it all boils down to the fact it's January, (although it's not cold here,) my diet, sleeping pattern, two left feet, etc. Or the moon or tides, they affect many things.

Edinburgh's winter has left me somewhat surprised. I was told to expect oodles of rain and horrendous winds. The wind has its days, but the rain has been lacking since I have return post-Christmas. (During Christmas there were floods, but I wasn't around for them.) The weather has actually been quite nice and my umbrella has actually seen minimal use the past couple of weeks.

By the way, welcome to Fabulous February! I believe it is Groundhog Day today at home, is it not? I voted on The Weather Network and guessed the groundhog would see his shadow and winter would continue.

We watched Love Actually last night. It showed lots of happy, in-love people at the London Heathrow Airport. I will be at Heathrow in less than five weeks! I have a couple-hour wait too; I imagine I too will find love in the airport. Cue me hugging a stuffed Paddington Bear in one of the 92,307,380 gift shops! I actually haven't been in Heathrow since we switched flights there on the way to Athens way back when in grade 11. That was a fun trip. I don't think I fully appreciated it though, half the time I didn't know the cultural significance of what we were looking at. ("Look, old stuff! HEEEEEYYY!!! A DOOOOOG!") That's why I like having a guidebook with me when I travel here.

In an related note, (I will get to why it is related in a moment,) I want to see a Will Ferrel movie soon. Why this was related: Will Ferrel talks about seeing a dog to his half-brother in the movie Elf. Cue hilarity and the best snowball fight EVER. Interesting fact: the English pronounce "alf" (like the alien) and "elf" the exact same way, or seemingly the same to this Canadian. On that note, I am now going to go read "memorable quotes" from Elf. I love Internet Movie Database.