Saturday, January 29, 2005

Hey hey:

Mmmm, haggis, neeps and tatties!! I must say, the meal was quite good and I do recommend it!

Odd that the first time I drink Crown Royal (Canadian whisky) and Budweiser (American beer) is at a Scottish celebration. Anyway, I don't have much time but let it be known that is was a good night and I wish I could bring everyone some haggis back in March, but alas, I doubt the gun-toting man at customs would like that. Just a hunch. As well, the shortbreak was delicious and I ate way too much of it.

This morning I woke up at 8:00 and couldn't fall back asleep because I was excited it was Saturday.

I want my Disney World interview to be now. Well, not *RIGHT* now, but soon. Although this gives me much time to glam up my resume, get a pretty picture of me, and to spruce up the interview skills. Although I won't be publishing my practiced answers online, someone may steal them ;)


Friday, January 28, 2005

Ahhh, Australia Day. I got sidetracked by my Oscar post yesterday and then by a website and wrote nothing about it. Poor Grand (shout out!) was very distraught as he wanted to read about Australia Day while "working".

So, The Walkabout was absolutely packed with a VERY long queue outside. Keri and I were fortunate enough to know someone at almost the front of the queue and were able to get in with minimal waiting. I felt the Aussies really didn't bring it all to the table. Some people were dressed up patriotically, but more were not. I was a bit disapointed. I mean, I was wearing more yellow and green then many! In good news, I managed to snag myself a good souvenir as I won a "beer mit" at the bar. You know those insulated cup-shaped things that you can put a can of beer in? Well, it's one of those, except sized for a pint glass, and it attached to an insulated glove. Technically you don't even need to hold onto the glass, just hold your hand up. Brilliant, eh? It's blue and says "Fosters Beer - Happy Australia Day" on it or something like that. As I already said, a good souvenir. I like the quirky things. Other than The Walkabout, the bars weren't really too happening. The Grassmarket was a bore, and the other Aussie Bar we went to was a snore. Insert rhyming poem.

Website distraction of the day: Television Without Pity.

Last night we did a rather bizarre drill during warm-up at lacrosse. The basics were something we were all quite familiar with (forminga star and passing/running to the person opposite you), but the person running the practice threw in the twist of having to yell the names of the person to your right and the person to your left. Sounds simple, I know, but there were a few new people around whose names I did not know so I would catch the ball, start running, stop, look to the sides, get confused, mumble some names, and eventually pass the ball. Other than that, last night was a good time, as per usual, and tonight is "Edinburgh Capital Does Burns Night" night. That is the unofficial name given to the event by me this morning. No one else knows about it, but I imagine they would all approve.

In a genious idea, I wore my trainers during the walk to work this morning. Two-and-a-half-inch-heals tend to slow me down when walking. Other than that, new shoes are working out great ;)

Five and a half weeks until I go home! Weird... It feels like I was just there! Oh right, because I was just there. More appropriate countdown, five and a half weeks to work on acing my interview. ACING. PERFECTING. NAILING. By the way, if I get into this programme I would have to share a BEDROOM with someone. Other than the odd sleepover and nights at hostels, I have never really done that. I'm sure it'll be fine though, because if I want to leave and have "alone time" I tend to actually leave whatever living dwelling I'm in and go for a wander or to the gym or something. And good news: there is a gym onsite there! Phew, good forbid I be social and actually hang out with people ;)

It is actually sunny out right now. In Scotland. I suggest you check the sky for flying pigs.

Gas/electrical bill over estimation: £100. Again, Scot Energy (or whatever it is called) decides random shot in the dark is an acceptable proceeding for estimating something. So the bill was overestimated by 50%, or about $235. Good job, guys.

I'm hungry. Countdown to lunch: 17 minutes.

Plans for the afternoon: answer phone, write emails, look pretty, surf the web, drink water.

Plans for the evening: haggis, neeps, tatties, shortbread, whisky (without an 'e'... that would be the Irish spelling of whisky).

The end.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Oscar nominations were released a couple of days ago! Lets discuss:
  • Jamie Foxx got nominated for Best Supporting Actor for... Collateral?! I will admit he was the highlight of the film, but it's surprising as it's not really the type of picture the Academy buys into seeing it was a "big summer blockbuster". Maybe his work in Ray influenced voters to pay more attention to his other work.

  • The Passion of Christ was overlooked in the "Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published" (I had to copy and paste the long category name) despite being being adapted from the best selling book of all time. While I was definately not a fan of the movie, I was surprised to see it rather shut-out of pretty much any nominations save a few of the more "minor" awards. Would it be the result of the Academy trying to avoid any controversy?

  • Best Pictures Nominees: The Aviator, Finding Neverland, Million-Dollar Baby, Ray, and Sideways. I don't think there are any surprises here, although it's funny how one boxing movie featuring a chick (Million Dollar Baby) can fare so much better than another (the one with Meg Ryan, although the name escapes me at the moment. Something about Ropes..). I have actually seen two of the best pic nominees and don't think either of them are really deserving of winning. But hey, it seems the Academy loves nominating stuff by/starring Martin Scorsese and Johnny Depp but not so much rewarding them. Sideways is apparently quite good - both EW critics actually put it as their favourite film of the year!

  • Despite the fact that I was not a huge fan of either The Aviator or Finding Neverland, I do think Leonardo Dicaprio and Johnny Depp did a good job of potraying the leads and do deserves acting noms. However, I would say Leo deserves it over Depp. I haven't seen the other films so I can't comment. I also haven't seen any of the films featuring the nominees for Best Actress. Whoops. I need to go to the movies more... ALthough, in my own defense, it seems the best actresses are usually chosen from smaller films and the best actors are usually from more widely released films.

  • I usually find it ironic when really long films are nominated (or win) Best Achievement in Editing.

  • John Williams is nominated this year. Shocking. ;) (He's basically the go-to-movie-music man. Think Star Wars, Jaws, ET, Indianna Jones, Harry Potter, etc.)

  • Death to Hand-Drawn Animation: all three films in the Best Animated Film category are computer animated films. Kind of sad, but that's evolution, I guess. I've actually seen all the films in this category and I think they all had the potential to be better then they were. However, order of preference is The Incredibles, Shrek 2, and then Shark Tales.

  • Farenheit 911 (which I can't be bother to look up the spelling on) isn't nominated for anything. Another effort to avoid controversy, or because it wasn't actually that good? It's hard to get past the hype/media circus surrounding it and actually appreciate any sort of quality. But, whatever. It's actually being shown on TV tonight. If I watch it, I'll have to take notes this time to try and keep all the people straight ;)

  • The Day After Tomorrow wasn't nominated for ANYTHING. While the movie jumped the shark early on, the special effects were good.

  • The End.
I seem like a bit of a hard-ass, eh? Maybe I just need to see a really good movie soon. Or I could go back and rent some of my favourites again.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I wasn't going to blog today, but I decided to a do a public service as I realise I need to keep people who have nothing to do at work and read my blog instead entertained ;)

(I'm not making fun of anyone - seriously. I myself do not have too much to do at work.)

Today I went home for lunch! It was a good thing as when I walked into my room I realised that I had left my heater on -- whoops!

Gasp, I just met another Canadian! There are three of us in the office. I swear, we are slowly taking over the world. Watch out, French Guiana - we are heading that way next!

I have chewed so much gum in the past two days. My jaw is probably going to fall off. Wouldn't that be disgusting, me walking around without a jaw? I could wear a mask to try and cover it, like the Phantom of the Opear. And I could sing about my misery. Wait - I bet I *couldn't* sing about my misery because I wouldn't have a jaw. Wow.

Plans for the weekend: Friday - lacrosse fiesta w/ haggis, neeps, tatties, etc.

Saturday Night - ceilidh (sp?) on George Street. Come one, come all!

Sunday - ??

More importantly, I think I will go to London on the following weekend on Saturday for some good walkin' along the Thames. Three cheers for the overnight bus! Then on Sunday is the Chinese New Year.

I feel as though I will probably get the urge for some greasy, NA-style chinese food sometime soon.

Ten more minutes...

Website to keep you occupied: Urban Legends

Monday, January 24, 2005


I can blog from my new workplace! I can also get into my UPEI email account so if anyone wants to drop me a line you can do so at As per usual, I can't access my hotmail account from the workplace, which is perfectly fine and understandable.

So I am working reception. It's quite easy, although this office is MUCH busier than the last one I worked reception at. That position was with Balfour Beatty at the Forth Rail Bridge. The phone rang, like, twice a day there.

I have an hour for lunch here. Whatever I am going to do for an hour is beyond me. Actually, I may walk home and fetch my gym stuff so I can head up there right after work.

Bield's version of Internet Explorer is, at least on this computer, quite old and does not display many websites properly.

Is it wrong that I surf the net at work? I know that *technically* I am not supposed to, but I don't really have anything else to do! A couple of people have mentioned bringing reading material, (which I did due to a comment on Friday,) which is similar to surfing the net, right? It's not like I'm goofing off and am avoiding work - the phone is still within arm's reach for when it rings!

This morning I sat right beside my heater for about 20 minutes and ate breakfast beside it. The office here is quite warm, despite that I sit by the door. There is a radiator or something right above it. The receptionist (for whom I am filling in while she is on holiday) even has a desk fan for when the heater works too well!

So yeah, this weekend was pretty uneventful. On Saturday night I watch three episodes of Desperate Housewives. The series is just starting here and I guess they were having a mini-marathon to promote the show. I have never seen it before and it's actually pretty good! So many genres incorporated: drama, comedy, suspense, etc. The next episode is supposed to air on Wednesday night at 10.00. Unfortunately, I will probably be unable to watch it as I am heading out to The Walkabout to celebrate Australia Day! I wish I could go in a Crocidile Dundee costume but alas, I do not have one and will be forced to wear green and gold. Apparently there is more emphasis on the gold. Last night I realised I don't own any yellow pants. Sad, eh? However, after much though I remembered that I have a pair of green trousers here that I can wear along one of the multiple yellow shirts I own. (I just realised I own three yellow shirts... but that's normal, right?) So yeah, Australia Day. Basically it means lots of drunk Aussies (a drunk Aussie? Heh - not an everyday occurrence what so ever ;) ) and drinks for £1.00. So, in an effort to stabilise global tension and make the world a safer place I will suck it up and celebrate the evening with the Aussies. Really, I should represent the UN with all this do-gooder work.

Apparently at the Disney interviews they have some Disney trivia questions. I feel as though I should brush up in order to make a good impression. Problem: all my Disney-related books (remember: Jen = nerd) are currently on the other side of the Ocean. So yes, having net access here is a good thing!

Jurassic Park was on TV Saturday evening. I do believe that film will go down in the books as my scariest film experience EVER. Well, that and Witches, by Roald Dalh. (Flashback to me asking my mum if we can leave the film and look at the toys at Towers instead.) Given the film is over a decade old (random guess it came out in summer 1993) the special effects are still quite good and very impressive for the time. You can, however, notice some older techniques being used compared with the overly CG films of today. See exhibit A: The Day after Tomorrow where even wolves escaping from the zoo were computer animated. Ugh.

I'm going to work at Diseny World =D =D =D (Okay: job has not been confirmed yet, but I am keeping an optimistic outlook on this as I really, really, really want it. Another thing I want: to eat at the Lone Star in Halifax after my interview. I didn't realise there was a Lone Star in Halifax until Lynda told me and, alas, it was too late to go.)

Anyway, I have reading to do. "Research", some may call it.


Saturday, January 22, 2005

Well, I decided to skip out on tonight's Burn's Night Event. Ah well, I get haggis on Friday when my lacrosse team gets together for a Burn's Night Celebration. Instead I will go stop at the grocery store and buy cookies (mmmm...), go home and eat supper, and then watch the telie or do something productive. I am mostly looking forward to the cookies. It was a long decision process about what junk I was going to eat tonight, but I finally made my decision.

This morning when we played lacrosse the pitch's ground was frozen and covered in frost, just like PEI in the fall! Or like The Guardian... covering PEI like the dew, eh? After lacrosse the opposing team invited us for "tea", aka "biscuits"(cookies), sandwiches, tea, coffee, etc. Hence me continuing with the cookie-thing tonight.

So... I HAVE BIG NEWS!! I was going to hold back and not tell too many people, but Shan wisely said, "Jen, don't you think people will wonder why you are going home for only a week already?" So here is the news:
  1. I bought a plane ticket on Wednesday night (with the gracious help of my parents).
  2. This return plane ticket will take me from Edinburgh to London, then London to Halifax on March 6th.
  3. In Halifax on March 8th I will participate in a job interview.
  4. This job interview will take all day as the employer is giving a presentation and blah blah blah.
  5. The employer is The Disney Company, specifically the theme park division, and even more specifically, Walt Disney World in Florida.

So here is what would happen if I got the job: I would sign a one-year contract and head south. I would do some measly Micky Mouse job (no pun intended), or McJob according to Mr. T in economics in grade twelve, such as merchandise work in an area in the Ecpot theme park appropriately called "The Canada Pavilion". I would be put in Disney housing and living with 3 - 7 other people that work in the other pavilions. They would be from the UK, Italy, France, Japan, China, Germany, etc.

Anywa, low time warning. Adios!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

My sight-seeing efforts didn't go very well.

Okay, ever hear me say something to the effect of, "Iwish something exciting would happen like a random pony walking by,"? Well, today TWO HORSES walked by. And boy, was I prepared! Last time something like this happened was when a dog ran through the Kelley Building when Jeff, Darcy, Jon and I were in there late Friday night working on one of those "great" spend-every-moment-of-your-weekend-working-on-it cases. Anyway, I whip my camera out of my purse to snap a photo but my batteries were dead. I expected this, so whipped out spare set number one. No luck. Still feeling all Boyscott prepared, I triumphantly take out my second set of spare batteries and shoved them (carefully and properly!) into my camera and await the flashing green light... which never appeared. The batteries weren't even good enough to get the your-batteries-suck blinking red light. Then I cursed a bunch. These batteries were fully charged upon leaving Canada, but now, nothing. Zilch. Crap. No power. What gives??? I adore my camera but it eats through batteries like bloody mad. I put batteries in it that have been charging for, like, 36 hours and they still aren't strong enough for any decent time! The low battery symbol still shows up. Anyway, end rant. I have decided I will now draw all the pretty things I see. So when I get back to Ch'town at some point in 2005, I will have lots of drawings to show you. This would be a good time to add that drawing is not my forte (everyone who knows me well realises that I am MUCH better at pottery and drawing ;) ) and the only drawing tool I usually carry is a pen I swiped from the hotel Keri and I stayed in at Disneyland Paris.

Last night I had a near Bridget Jones-style dilema when I briefly thought about the "Am I supposed to meet someone I actually want to be with forever?" sort of dilema that randomly haunts the singles. Shannon reassured me through the use of a Myers-Briggs book she stole/bought from the library that I would. See, I didn't really care for sitting down and talking to someone for fourish minutes speed dating, but apparently it's because I seek a mate with whom I can do fun stuff, rather than sit down and have deep soulful conversations. So I may be looking for a really fabulous friend to whom I am attracted. Or something like that. I dunno.

Today I learned that there is a Chinese New Year Celebration on Feb 6th for £4! I want to go - something new to do that I, clever hunch, probably will never do in Charlottetown. Also, in April, there is some kind of workshop about set design, lighting and other backstage stuff that one of the theatres is giving. It's only an hour, so I imagine it's moreso a backstage tour, but I would really like to go. And score, it is free!

I have no idea what I am going to do this Saturday night. It seems like everyone is going to a Burn's Night Celebration that, gulp, costs £25. Yes, you do get a four-course meal and a ceilidh afterwards, but geez... £25?!?! That could probably feed me for two weeks! I am going to one the following weekend with my lacrosse team anyway. But the big dilema: me, sitting at home moi-meme on Saturday night. I'll probably go mad. An hour alone fully awake in our flat drives me to boredom. But... a whole evening?? Anyway, I may see if I can buy a ticket to just the ceilidh part (which I can't spell) as I'm not concerned about missing the food. And, bizarrely, the event calls for formal wear?! Okay, the other ceildh we went to was practically an aerobic workout - sweaty sweaty SWEATY. I wish that I had worn a tank top, shorts and sneakers. But prancing about in a dress/skirt and nice top and freaking HEALS?! Heh, I guess drycleaners will be happy. And I imagine out-patients will have an influx of girls with twisted ankles. Sigh, who knows, maybe I'll end up buying a ticket. Sigh. But the last time I did an expensive social thing I didn't really want to do (*cough* speed dating) it *did* turn out to be an over-priced waste of money. Oh, the dilemas...

Anyway, I think my net time is up for the day. I have lacrosse tonight and I suspect it's going to be rather difficult because the wind has still not let up! The temp will probably be fine on it's own (maybe 0 - 3 degrees?) but the wind is brutal. I decided I am being punished for not getting sunburns by instead being a sufferer of windburn. Of course, I take the proper precaution against the sun (bonjour, sunscreen) unlike my pale-faced flatmates ;) And, surprisingly enough, sunscreen is also supposed to be used to protect against windburn because of its greasy texture. So I lathered my face in sunscreen before heading out today. Odd, but the smell of sunscreen gives me happy family-in-Florida memories to boost my day.

Adios ~

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Today is a nice day. And by nice, I mean windy! But regardless of the wind, it is decent outside. However, note to self, look up ways to prevent windburn because my face is getting to the point that is feels tight and sore even when I am inside.

Today I took a wee detor on the way to the library and wandered about the appropriately named "Castle Hill". This in the hill on which the Edinburgh Castle is located. There are some nice walkways and it gives a nice view of the northern part of the city.

For the first time ever I attended an aerobic class! I will admit to being slightly uncoordinated, but I think I kept up better than come of the regulars. Mind you I am a wee bit competitive and would not fancy looking tired and would rather pass out later than admit I couldn't keep up ;)

In good news, I came across this website today: Alien Rock Indoor Climbing. If anyone reading this fancies coming along, let me know! The £25 for a two-hour intro class would be, in my own opinion, a far better investment than the £20 I dropped of freaking speed dating last night. Och aye. Speed dating was actually fine, but not worth the investment what so ever. Yes, there were some nice people... but I felt rather young. Next time I follow the gut instinct and turn down speed dating. However, on the positive side, it did give me an opportunity to practice my people skills and job interview skills! As well, it is an experience. If I didn't go, I would have been left wondering what might have been... Oh, and I got a free pen. A good thing since one of my few pens ran out of ink a couple of nights ago. (It was also a free pen that some company sent my parents. It says "Royal Photography" on it. And has our address, in case I ever forget where I live.) Anyway, I am very excited about the rock climbing potential!!!

I stopped at the Castle on my walk today. I will need to get in there sometime. I was looking over the side of the hill facing the south part of Edinburgh and the hills which I forget the name of (I will call them the Midlothian Hills because that *may* be what they are called) still had some snow on the peaks and the clouds were barely covering the tops of some hills and it was quite pretty. Again, no camera. I'll have to play tourist tomorrow and take some photos. I also saw a large gold fountain in the west part of the Princes Street Gardens which I always forget exists. Everytime I see it I think, "Wow - what a pretty fountain! I never noticed it before!" I guess it's kind of like a tradition ;)

The second season of The OC starts up here next week. If I had cable I would watch it. But I don't. So instead I will pretend it never existed and will be stuck with the various crap reality shows of the BBC, ITV, and Channel 4.

As per usual, I can't remember what time my free-internet hour started at. Whoops.

Eight Ways to Save on Your Next Flight

My hotmail account is acting up so no emails/MSN conversations from me. Sad. Especially since I have the sudden urge to talk to many people. Ah well.

So yes, tomorrow is tourist day. That means I have to find my other mitt (one *may* have myseteriously vanished in my room) and my winter hat.

Anyway, time is pretty much up.

Adios ~

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well well well... What have we here? A random post from wee ol' me.

In good news, I have a two-week position that starts on Monday with two hours of training on Friday afternoon. It's a receptionist position, which is a bit bland but well paying and def worth two weeks of my time! There will be other temps around too, which is pretty cool because at all of my positions thus far I have been the only temp worker.

It actually SNOWED last night in Edinburgh!!! It was quite pretty, and if it wasn't so late at night, I would have detered on the way home from the gym and went up to the Castle or Calton Hill (basically somewhere high) to have a look at the city. But I didn't. Maybe next time.

I would also like to declare my hatred for my winter coat. Despite it being a mere 13 months old, the zipper on it is shite and the sleeves are all ripping. Booooo... I will admit part of the problem with the ripping sleeves may be my fault seeing as I am bigger now than when I got the coat. But come on; the zipper should still work! Bizarrely enough it worked most of the time when I was home for Christmas and once I returned here, *poof!*, the zipper began working only sparatically. It must be one of those magical works-only-in-North-America zippers that have been so trendy this season ;)

Getting places now takes so much more effort compared to the effortless driving I did on PEI. Instead of driving ten - fifteen minutes to the gym, now I get to walk 20 - 25 minutes, depending on what route I take. It also takes long to walk there because it is mostly uphill, whereas the walk home is mostly downhill. Ahh, yes, the hills. Calves, ass, and quads, allow me to re-introduce you to Edinburgh's hills. Enjoy.

Anyway, I think my library time is pretty much up. So now, I haul myself off to the gym to enjoy some quality time with Mr. Crosstrainer. (A machine, not a person!) Most of the stuff I was showed at the AFC I can do at the gym here with a few moderations. However, some of the leg machines are un-necessarily complicated here and it takes me longer to figure out setting them up then actually using them. (Note slight exageration.) Also, I'm now working out in kilos rather than pounds. That can get confusing. Also, some of the equipment at the AFC just had numbers on the weights (1, 2, 3, etc.) rather than pounds. Despite all of this, I have triumphed over the cultural differences and randomly toss around a weight with great ease and confidence ;)

The most recently commenced version of Big Brother here is a star-packed celebrity version featuring no one I recognise. Actually, I do recognise one because they have been re-running "The Surreal Life" on VH1 (which I can watch only at the gym) and the only Brit on the show is currently on Big Brother. Apparently she used to be married to Sly Stallone. So I suspect she basically just does reality shows in an effort to salvage, or perhaps create, her career.

In blog-worthy news, my face is really windburnt and sore. Ow. Partially due to lacrosse on Thursday night and walking about Edinburgh the past couple of days when it has been, unsurprisingly, quite windy. We even had 100 mph winds shortly after getting here! Exciting! Except for the people who died during the storm. Seriously. Sad.

Time is up!

Adios ~

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Made it to Edinburgh in two very uneventful flights. Highlights of the Monday/Tuesday trip were buying Diet Rootbeer in Halifax (surprisingly hard to find), the mini-Twix bar on the Halifax - New Jersey flight, discounted cheery candy-canes at the Sobeys in Halifax, etc.

So my sleep paterns are rather screwed up, to say the least. The last couple of nights at home I slept for a pleasant six hours or so. So when I stayed the night at Shan's in Halifax, I had a VERY good crash and even slept some on the Hali - NJ flight.

Then came the overnight flight - a joyous twenty minutes of sleep. So I crashed twice last night which I really shouldn't have. So then I didn't get to sleep until 2:00 last night and when I woke it was almost 1:00 of this afternoon. Oops. That means that today I need to absolutely exhaust myself. I'm heading to the gym soon, so maybe if I work "extra hard" (ha ha) I'll be tired and fall asleep before sun rise tomorrow.

The movie on our NJ - Edinburgh flight was First Daughter. You may recognize this film title and try to remember if it stars Mandy Moore or Katie Holmes. Knobs, everyone knows that Mandy Moore was in CHASING LIBERTY, not First Daughter. Duh. Note sarcasm, please. Although I did get it right as I was about 80% sure that Katie Holmes was in First Daughter because I couldn't remember the name of the Mandy Moore-starring vehicle.

So I checked my bank account yesterday: £21.85. On the 15th £35 will be withdrawn from my bank account for my gym membership. Now, I know some people find math difficult, but this equation is obvious and a wee bit worrisome. Luckily I had about £50 cash accumulated in various places. But seriously, I have lots of money I can get at that is in my Canadian bank account, I would just rather not have to use it. So please, if you know someone who is hiring in Edinburgh, make them give me a job. Now ;)

La la la. Well, I'm off to "exhaust" myself at the gym.

Sunday, January 09, 2005

Whoa... Almost 3:00AM and I haven't finished packing. But I'm almost there. So very close.

So, my good-luck story of the night: I was looking through a drawer trying to find my journal from the second half of my Ottawa days and fourth-year days and found $25 in a card I got for graduation!! Umm, SCORE! And I did eventually find my journal and thus the email address I was looking for as well. Successful all around.

I didn't really bother looking through my journal, although I was surprised to note the very last time I wrote in it was about 24 hours before leaving for Edinburgh! I also realised I didn't write anything in it during second semester of fourth year. I can pretty much sum up my Ottawa writings as well, "It is raining. I hate long-distance relationships. I like my softball team. I hate long-distance relationships. Today it is sunny. I hate long-distance relationships. I went to a museum with Dave today. I hate long-distance relationships. Mum and Dad are visiting. Long-distance relationships are stressful. Lee and Dave know the NES Mario 3 background music very well. Long-distance relationships are frustrating. I like roller blading by the canal. I hate long-distance relationships.


Put that one into the "lessons learned" column ;)

I hate packing. But lets take the optimistic point of view: I have over five hours to finish packing! LOADS OF TIME. And in all seriousness, I have very little more to do. I just kind of forgot that I'm flying out Monday and not Sunday thus will need easy access to my toothbrush and the like.

Oh right, and PJs. Mental note.

And now it's 3:00 on the nose. Last post from PEI! (Oh. My. God.)

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Hee hee hee... just like in May, I am wasting time online instead of packing. But how hard can packing be? Take the clothes I arrived with and put them in my bag. Take some extra stuff I want and put it in my bag. Take the stuff ordered by my fellow Canadians and put it in my bag. Et voila! C'est tout finit. Tres bien, Jennifer, tu es intelligente, gentile, et tres jolie.

In bad news, I learned the other night that someone my age and my height should weigh, at a max, about 135 lbs.


So yeah, checking out the news of Scotland. Getting myself up to speed, ya know. And holy McFloods there is lots of water! Note to self: pack rubber boots.

And on that note, I'm off to pack. For REAL this time.

Maybe. I'll probably look through CDs instead. Or read a magazine.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Wooo, happy 2005 to all! How crazy is that, 2005 already?

I'm heading back to the other side soon. =( As expected, there are mixed emotions brewing in me.

In the past 50 hours or so I have watched 12 episodes of The OC. Some may call me obsessed, I call it "catching up" since I had never seen a SINGLE full episode of it before.

I have now realised the errors of my ways and thank my wiser friends for pointing me in the right direction. Season two is actually going to start airing in late January in the UK - except it's on cable. Sigh, Scotland is tricky like that! I do have some mates with cable... but I highly doubt three blokes care to sit through The OC one a week so their Canadian friend can follow the dramatic lives of the folk of Newport.

Well, I'm going to bed. Zzzzzz.