Thursday, June 30, 2005

So I now have two jobs and another job offer on the plate: PT at the Cumberland on evenings and/or weekends, a FT temp job weekdays 9-5, and I got a job offer from a hotel which I guess I'll turn down. However, I am almost tempted to take the hotel job because today I started the worst temp job on the entire planet. Haaaaate. I spent the whole afternoon (and I worked only the afternoon) in a fowl mood. Fowl fowl fowl. Hate hate hate. It's filing, and it doesn't really look like there is any end in sight. The girl who usually does it (poor thing) has been sick for the past two weeks and they kind of think she won't be coming back. Judging by her hand writing on the post-it notes I saw, she is probably young and probably isn't sick, she probably just hates the job. And she should.

I kind of feel jipped. I've been with the same agency since I got back in January and I don't feel like developing any sort of relationship with them really helps secure you a better job. As for temping, I feel like I wasted the last year of my life career-wise. If only I had known last.... No idea what I was going to write now. I started chatting on MSN instead... Oh right, if I had known last June that I would still be here THIS June I probably would have put a little more effort on finding a long-term GOOD job.

Anyway, back to MSN I go.

Happy Canada Day! I'll spend mine fighting back tears of hatefulness at work and then, more happily, spending the evening at our Canada Day party! Yay!

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Wooo! Uploaded some pics! Link to photos. Or use the link on the side menu.

PS: I am, I think, the newest employee at the Cumberland Bar !! =D

Monday, June 27, 2005

Weeeeee, so much to blog.

But I left it too late and I think the librarian is going to tell me to leave soon.

I will be jobless again come Wednesday. However, I do have an interview on Wednesday morning (at the Cumberland, no less)!

Today I was in a bad mood. Maybe it was a delayed case of sun stroke from the MOST FABULOUS WEEKEND(!!!), maybe it was the fact the weekend was over, or maybe it was because I stayed up too late last night (despite attempting to go to bed at about 11.30 I believe it was closer to 1.00) and could barely bring myself to move this morning thus ended up running the last leg of my journey to work. Lesson learned: sports bras were invented for a reason and gravity can be surprisingly painful. Yeah, I didn't really learn anything about being punctual. I started missing the bus when I was FIVE, I don't think I'm suddenly going to become a morning person.

I was also in a wee bit of a bad mood because a leg of my flight home got canceled and now it looks like I'll be leaving from freaking Glasgow. My whole point of flying from Belfast was so I could fly out of Edinburgh's airport TO Glasgow. Now I'll prob have to spend the night in the Weegie airport, then fly from Glasgow to Belfast in the am. Yaaaaaaay. But, as I told a co-worker, if worse comes to worse, I'll just swim to Northern Ireland.

I also figured the cancelation of my EasyJet flight kind of gave me the opportunity to fiddle around and try to find and earlier flight... Hee hee. Believe me, I looked, but I'll probably be staying til August 24th. I am constantly bouncing back and forth from deciding whether staying the summer in Edinburgh was the best idea as, over a year after leaving the Island, I am starting to get a wee bit homesick. I thin kit's partially the realisation that after I fly south in September it will be at least a year before I see the red soil again. A YEAR. Do you know how long that is?!?! (Metaphorically, forever; literally, 365 days.) And after that it's off to Vancouver to work for the IOC or at least the Olympics in some aspect. Then I'm having babies. Lots and lots of babies! (Not really.)

On Wednesday, providing I'm still jobless, I'm going to put some new pics in Mr. Online Photo Album (I call him Op, eh? for short) from my bopping around Europe. This photos will include amazing things like the shiny red bike I got to ride!! I hear they don't have shiny red bikes anywhere except Zurich so you should all be VERY excited. I bet a few of you may even get clammy hands.

I have BOAT LOADS of reading to do. I borrowed Long Way Round from Emily and have looked at the pictures in it a lot. It's written by Ewan McGregor (heart!) and his buddy Charley something or other and it follows their tales of when the drove around the world on their motorbikes. So far, in the introductory chapters of their pre-trip planning I have learned two things: I know nothing about motorcycles and Ewan McGregor failed to mention me when he was talking about a few previous girlfriends. Funny, eh?

I'm also reading about World War II. I am an intellect now. Just because I read Peter Pan while traveling last month doesn't really mean anything. I didn't want to intimidate my fellow travelers.

Cherry beer is good. That was one of my lessons learned in Belgium.

Extra-classy Vodka is potent. I learned that in Edinburgh over the weekend. (We call it extra-classy vodka because we find it ironic. It's the grocery store's brand of vodka and it just has a giant white label with "VODKA" written on it in big black letters. And "40% proof" or something. See? Very classy.)

I'm going to Talahasee! yes! I may even learn how to spell it before I get there!

Anne (shout out!) arrived back in Scotland from her home in Canada yesterday. Apparently she bought a cowboy hate. Apparently I am jealous. (Substitute the second apparently with OBVIOUSLY.)

The weather here has been very un-Scottish as of late. By un-Scottish I mean ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! Seriously. It's really weird. I mean, I'm TANNED and Scottish people are getting SUNBURNS. Despite that, I really wished I was in Spain while I was walking home from work. Just randomly thought, "Yeah, I wish I was in Spain right now."

Best chocolate bar ever: Chomp bars. They are 10p (think 23.5 cents) and are basically chewy caramel covered in chocolate. Someday I am going to the cadbury outlet in Livingston again. ... someday....

Anyway, time to leave! I actually got to stay much longer than anticipated and, as a result, got to blog much and reallllly need to run to the toilet.

Signing off and still missing l'Ile de Prince Edouard...

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Oh, me me. I hate job hunting.

I have a part-time job for a few weeks that pays *quite* well, but it's only part time, as mentioned above, and for only a few weeks, also mentioned above. It has the *potential* to become full time, but I'm not really crossing my fingers on it. And I have the wee issue of "Yeah, I'm going to be here for only nine more weeks," in any job interview. So I'm applying for reallllly basic part-time jobs. Like cashiering at a convenience store style place in the mall. But hey, it's only a ten-minute walk away and there is actually a position open for weekends only... Yup, so today I kind of wished that I would have went home for the summer. How lovely a rent-free environment would be. Of course, yesterday afternoon as I was bumming about in the park with Grand, Kelly and Shan, I was quite happy to be in Edinburgh and not on PEI. May have had something to do with the fab company and the abnormally hot weather... ;)

Anyway, I'm off to drop some resumes off and then head off to the gym. My last gym day! I got a five-day pass for £5.00. Turns out I miss the gym.

Adios ~

PS: Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there, especially mine =P

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm such a hobo.

I have nowhere to live and no job.

I *hate* applying for work - especially when it costs four arms and two legs to print anything around here. ONE copy of my cover letter / CV cost me £.80 to print. Think $1.50CND my friends. I am emailing a bunch of resumes, but I find people are generally difficult to get ahold of in this country and are sometimes rather lazy in returning calls. Although I knew this from before from my secretary days.

In good news, if I do give up completely it costs only £25 to change my flight to something earlier! Plus I would need a new flight to Belfast. Hmm, maybe *not* flying out of Glasgow isn't the way to save money...

Anyway, I've been sitting at the computer for almost three hours job hunting and the like. My legs are cramping up. Although I think that actually has to do with, gasp, exercising last night. I got a phone call from Grand last night as their softball was desperate to find a girl to play for them. Low and behold, I was shockingly available (not having work and no gym membership to my name) thus got to play a game. And now I want to play for the whole season!!! Ah well. And let me introduce you to irony: only the day before I had sent my softball glove home with my dad after doing nothing with it since bringing it over five months earlier.

Anyway, I have to go and use all the credit on my phone now calling people re jobs. Today I am calling "health clubs" (or gyms as I like to say) in effort to secure a job that would provide me with a free gym membership! (Priorities, folks!)

aiof ew oaijeow.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Yee haw, and here we go...

So I FINALLY got into Edinburgh yesterday morning at about 11:15. Thankfully, by 12:30 I was at the hair dressers waiting to get my hair chopped off. Lesson learned: avoiding a haircut before travelling ("It'll just be so much easier to put it in a ponytail!") isn't a good thing. It leads to wishing the blade on your swiss army knife was three - four inches long instead of one inch. Anyway, so a good few inches of hair is gone, and I actually wish more was gone. Quite a bit more. Ah well, turns out I *can* get it cut again. (Shocking, I know ;) )

After the haircut I did the other essential-upon-returning-to-Britain item on my list: I saw Episode III.

SO GOOD!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! I want to see it AGAIN. And, due to the movie and the previews, I know think I should find a super-hero or jedi husband. But that's just between you and me. I don't want people to go thinking I'm all crazy or something ;)

Ah shoot. I wasted my library time again poking around in my inbox, box office numbers, and other non-necessities. May be a wee while before I post again as my DAD (!!!) is coming to Edinburgh tomorrow for the week!

As for the summer, I'm thinking about looking for a live-in job in either Stirling or somewhere in North England. I decided the Lake District is too small-town for me. (Lesson learned from travelling: I don't do so well in small towns where the populations and tourists skew older.)

So quick notes about travelling:

- Staying awake on the trains to watch your bag is IMPOSSIBLE. I think I fell asleep on my first train ride, and probably about 80% of them overall.

- Belgium is GREAT!! One day there I rented a bike for a cheap 6 euro and biked almost 50 km. It was sooo nice! The only hill was a man-made overpass and I got to take pictures of sheep on the bikeride home. (It'll go nicely with the picture of a cow from Suisse.)

- I can sleep through a lot...

- Giant chocolate bars in Suisse are cheaper than a proper meal.

- I heart France! A lot!

- I got to go to Juno Beach, the D-Day beach that the Canadians stormed. It was pretty cool, and I actually remember Wal-Mart selling paper "bricks" for $1.00 to help build the place. It is actually staffed with Canadian students... So if you are looking for an interesting semester-abroad option...!

- I tried to go to Flanders field but ran out of time. However, I did get to go to Iepers which was rather devestated by WWI and saw a couple of cemetaries. Rather sad, as was Juno Beach and Caen. It's sad to think about why so many parts of those towns are relatively new compared to other parts of France/Belgium, basically they had been rebuilt in the past 60 years.

Anyway, am getting the boot... adios!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

And that, my friends, was Europe!

Next stop: sunny Fla ;)

(Not really, it was only some of continental Europe and I'm exploring Britain over the next two and a half months and heading back to PEI before Florida, but it's not as much fun to type that all out ;) )

Anyway, am getting the boot from the library. And today I was soooo lazy. It was GREAT!